New kitchen appliance AI-C28 touch sensor polished ceramic cooker for OEM customers

Short Description:

Induction cooker with skin touch button control,hot plate stove electric cooker,crystal black glass,110V~220V~240V,50/60HZ,display power 2000W,Timer & Preset function,330*400*69mm

Product Detail

Induction cooker is a relatively small new kitchen, because it is more compact and very convenient characteristics, broke the use of open fire in daily life cooking way, by the favor of many consumers.The penetration rate of induction cooker is also very high, but also not all people have a detailed understanding of the characteristics of induction cooker, this article introduces for you is about the characteristics of induction cooker content, are different from other kitchen features.

Characteristics of induction cooker — high safety
Not like gas, easy to leak, also do not produce open fire, safety is obviously better than other stoves.In particular, it itself is equipped with multiple safety protection measures, including furnace body tilt power off, timeout power off, dry burn alarm, over current, over pressure, under pressure protection, use improper automatic stop and so on, even if sometimes the soup overflow, there is no gas stove flout gas danger, use up worry.In particular, the stove panel is not hot, there is no danger of scalding, so that the elderly and children feel at ease.

Characteristics of induction cooker — energy saving and environmental protection
There is no open fire in the furnace, the pot itself heats up, reducing the heat transfer loss, so its thermal efficiency can reach 80% to 92% above, and no exhaust emissions, no noise, greatly improving the kitchen environment.

Three, induction furnace features – heating speed
Magnetic furnace can make the temperature of the bottom of the pot rise to more than 300 degrees in 15 seconds, the speed is far faster than oil furnace and gas furnace, greatly save cooking time, improve the speed of dishes.

AI-C28 is black.Its buttons are skin touch buttons with 5 intelligent function.Hot Pot,Stir-Fry,BBQ,Milk,Water,Soup,Steam.

Housing:- Plastic portable

A-grade crystal plate: 330*400 mm

Unit size: 330*400*69 mm

Display power: 2200W

Real power: 2000 W

Gift Box size:- 345x100x410
Master box size:- 625x365x365mm/6Pcs
20FCL:- 1602 pcs
40HQ:- 3888 pcs

Induction cooker is easy to clean.It can make your kitchen tidy and neat.

Without cooking fumes,you can cook safety and comfortable.
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