Amor induction cooker AI-M1 best price of led display skin touch induction range with high quality

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Induction cooker with skin touch button control,OTG oven electric induction range,crystal black glass,110V~220V~240V,50/60HZ,display power 2000W,Timer & Preset function,330*290*66mm

Product Detail

Induction cooker - The advantage of slim induction cooker

More energy - saving, the advantage of slim induction cooker first performance in its high thermal efficiency.As a high-tech product that advocates "green kitchen culture", the heating principle of traditional stoves, such as electric heating stoves, LPG stoves, gas stoves and electric rice cookers is to heat the food in the pot directly at the bottom of the red vessels first, and another part of the heat consumption is used in burning air, with thermal efficiency between 40%-60%, large heat consumption and slow cooking.The thermal efficiency of induction cooker (stove) can reach 95%.

Safer, use effect of slim induction cooker and gas stove are completely different, neither will produce open fire in use process, induction cooker itself also does not produce heat, will not be like other stove to provide often bring about fire incident, more do not exist because of leaking gas and cause all sorts of things.

More environmental protection, slim induction cooker bid farewell to the kitchen war filled with fireworks, is a big wish of modern chefs.Induction cooker does not release any substances when heated, no fire smokeless, also does not increase the room temperature;When the traditional coal, LPG and gas are burning, the room temperature rises continuously due to the burning air, and kitchen lampblack increases continuously. Meanwhile, harmful gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide will be released to affect human health.The use of environmental protection induction cooker (stove) does not have a lot of pollution problems of traditional stoves, so really achieve clean room, protect the environment.It works without fire roast, especially in summer operation, clean and comfortable.

Slim induction cooker in this era is too time, we have at home with ultra-thin induction cooker can be very convenient to do a lot of delicious, especially for a lot of busy work without time to cook for the people, ultra-thin induction cooker can eat hot pot and other very fast cooking.Of course, the ultra-thin induction cooker is not all-powerful, we should learn to cook more with the help of the slim induction cooker, combined with the ultra-thin induction cooker is better.

AI-M1 is white and black.Its buttons are skin touch buttons with knob.

Housing:- Plastic Body Portable

Glass size:- φ250mm Crystal,

Unit size: 330*290*66mm

Display power: 2000W

Real power: 1800 W

Gift Box size:- 350*85*440mm
Master box size:- 530*365*460mm/6Pcs
20FCL:- 1890 pcs
40HQ:- 4584 pcs

Induction cooker is easy to clean.It can make your kitchen tidy and neat.

Without cooking fumes,you can cook safety and comfortable.
Welcome customers from worldwide.


AI-M1-1688_05 AI-M1-1688_06


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