Amor new innovation DC solar induction cooker AI-48DC stock lots goods solar induction cooker

Short Description:

DC cooker solar induction cooker with skin touch button,solar stove solar DC heater sloar gas stove,crystal black glass,12V~24V~,700W,LED display,220mm Round

Product Detail

DC-Induction cooktop
Model No.:- AH-48DC
Type of Control:- knob control
Function:- Intelligent function
Housing:- SSSteel
Glass size:- 220mm Round
Unit size:- 220mm Round*70mm
Power:- Display 700w
Pan Temp:- 80~280 Degree temperature
Working Time:- (48 Volt 60Ah Battery)= 14A, 700w, 7-Hours

Gift Box size:- 326x98x318
20FCL:- 2418 pcs
40HQ:- 5868 pcs
1.If someplace Electric city power is not available on 24 Hours,then when you have electric power then you can charge the battery,after when electric power is not available then you can use the battery to cook dinner or lunch.

2.If someplace no electric city power then uses a solar panel to charge the battery,and after when you want to cook in the night then use that battery to cook dinner or lunch

3.Heavy trucks go for long journeys,on the road some time traffic jam or waiting for unloading.they already have a battery in the truck,they can use that battery power to cook his lunch or dinner.Now they carry gas stove that is very dangerous for turck goods.

4.If use Carhouse to travel then in the car has a battery,they can use battery to cook lunch or dinner.If carry gas stove that is very dangerous.

5.If you like to go outdoor for BBQ or Hot pot dinner,then can use this cooktop with battery go outside and enjoy your dinner party with your close friend or family.

6.Military peoples go out for duty they also can use this cooktop can hot water for a drink or cook for eating some.

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