Others product 500g SS Pot

Short Description:

Model No.:- 500G
Material type:- Seanless steel
Cap Lid:- Glass
Handel:- Brownlite handle
Top wide size:- 270mm
Bottom size:- 300mm (Honeycomb)
Box size:- 335x100x400
Master box size:- 900x580x400mm/30Pcs
20FCL:- 4020 pcs
40HQ:- 9780 pcs

Product Detail

Compared with iron pot, stainless steel pot has the advantages of not easy to rust and easy to take care of. If you just got the new rusty steel pot, would you like to use it directly or open it? It is obvious that direct use is a big mistake. First, in the manufacturing process of stainless steel pot, industrial oil will be used on its surface. Some of these industrial oil will penetrate into the pot, and it is not safe to use it directly or after cleaning with detergent. Seamless steel pot is selected with strong oxidation resistance, anti-skid, wear-resistant, solid and thick. Use ginger chafing pot method: this method is more suitable for frying fish, it can play a role in removing fishy smell

500g SS Pot-HD

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