Amor 2020 new innovation AI5-1 Best price of 5 burner electric stove with good service

Short Description:

Infrared cooker with skin touch button,hot plate 5 burner electric ceramic cooker,crystal black glass,~220V~240V,50/60HZ,display 2000W,LED display,

Product Detail

Four Burner induction cooker
1) Voltage :220V
2) Power: LEFT UP 1800W, LEFT DOWN 1200W
3) Built-in and table top type
4) China glass (Polished)
5) Crystal Glass size 590X520mm
6) Metal case
7) Each zone timer
8) Child safety lock function
9) Auto off function
10) Residual heat warning
11) Touch control
12) USD $93

Double head induction cooker advantages: double head induction cooker is very convenient, can double start, save time. If you want to be really easy to use and durable, you have to depend on the workmanship and materials of the products and the technology of the manufacturers. The manufacturers who have researched and developed the electromagnetic heating technology for many years have mature technology. The microcomputer 32-bit digital chip makes your machine work more stably and continuously for a long time. The super large pure copper coil with energy accumulation can heat uniformly, and the thermal efficiency is higher, which saves you more energy and money.


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